Monday, April 17, 2017

Politics, and other Hurtful Things…

Politics is an interesting thing. It reminds me of the famous line from Spider Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Politics is a tool for the believer and nothing more. A means to an end. Bad things happen when we make it something more.
Things get dangerous when it becomes a belief system. Believers today have become lost in politics. They don’t know where their faith ends and their politics begin. Now, one might say, “My faith guides my politics.” I would say I dare you to prove that.
For many believers, although they would not admit it, their politics has completely overshadowed and overpowered their belief system. They have become so wrapped up in who did what and who is taking this or that away from them that they’ve lost sight of the end goal.
The goal of every believer should be as follows:
1. Get closer to God every day.
2. Bring others closer to God every day.
Here’s what the average politically motivated believer does:
1. Find something to hate and get closer to it every day.
2. Find others who hate the same thing you do and learn to hate it more.
Politics can be an important part of your life, but it cannot be your life. You must put it in its place and keep it there, not allowing it to become a cancer that infects every aspect of your life.
There are people that believe that to be a Christian, you must be a Republican. This has become a qualifier. This has become their prejudice. This has become their hate. What this really does is spit in the eye of God. This causes the lost to hate the church because it becomes a more ridiculous members only club than it already was. Its disgusting.
If a person is a supporter of the right to have an abortion, they will be ridiculed and belittled at the least, and called a murderer at the worst.
The church has been twisted and perverted. It needs to stop.
Here is a revelation for these people that will be shocking: PEOPLE CAN THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU.
I know, that’s hard to digest. But you know you’re right? Don’t you? You have some out of context scripture passage that you use to back up whatever you think that will get you out of the guilt of sending someone to hell, right? You’re ok with answering to God in the final days for all those you sent to eternal damnation right?
Oh…you’re quiet now….
We have some work to do people. Quit saying incredibly offensive things on so many levels.
Oh, and one more thing. If you use the word “libtard” you are disgusting. If you can’t see how that offends on so many levels you need to go learn some decency. Politics aside, the root of that word hurts people. It really hurts people.
Someday you will go before the Lord. You will see all those you helped to save. That will be good. But judgement day is not just about the good, its about the everything. I think you will also be faced with all those that you had a hand in sending to hell. I dare say the majority of those you see will be because of politics. Not all, but certainly quite a few.
Are you ok with that? God isn’t. Not one bit. He’s going to ask you how believing that abortion is wrong somehow gave you the right to make a woman hate the church and never turn to God because you made her feel small and alone when you spit on her and called her a murderer.
He’s going to ask you how you thought throwing passages from Leviticus in the face of a homosexual person and telling them they were going to hell actually did that by your hand. He’s going to want to know how you thought that brought that person closer to God. What will you say? My guess says you won’t say much.
Pray more. Read the scriptures more. Learn about others more. Talk less and listen more.
You only have one true mission in this world. The Great Commission.
Be Jesus to these people. Don’t be the other guy.

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Politics, and other Hurtful Things…

Politics is an interesting thing. It reminds me of the famous line from Spider Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Politics...